Sparky is a intelligent, adorable, sometimes mean and other times funny fellow, keeping company to you and your friends and makes nice addition to every day discord conversations as well as he is amazing help to your adventures through out the world of Black Desert Online!

More than 330 servers

More than 130k users

Created by Hamada Saidi#0424


Getting started:

Invite Sparky to your server, make sure he has the right permissions to avoid errors, Sparky does not need to be admin at all. However Sparky deletes his own messages and command messages, basically anything starts with prefix. to make sure that Sparky is working correctly just mention him @spaky and start talking to him. Or you can trigger help command by: !help and see all possible commands that he got. To be able to change Sparky's prefix you need to have an admin role. Sparky is being developed to have more commands as we keep going upon community requests.



Displays information about Sparky


Displays all the commands that Sparky has.

!help or !help [command name]

Changes Sparky's prefix, please notice that prefix can't have more than 3 symbols, numbers or characters, so keep it simple and unique.
You have to have a role to manage the server.

!prefix [wished prefix]

Upon paid command, donation you will recive a code via email use this command to verify your code.

!verify [code]

Black Desert Online:

A command shows Black Desert Online game time or the time left on resets such as: Day/Night, Imperial cooking/alchemy reset, daily reset, Black Spirit board game, Imperial Trade reset, Bartering reset.

!timers [daily] or !timers or !timers [dice], !timers [gametime], !timers [imperial], !timers [shift]

World Bosses reminder Premium:
a Premium Black Desert Online command, to remind each Gamer of world bosses fights before 15min of spawn and on spawn time, for PC,Xbox,PS and all timezones that game serves.


World Bosses reminder Cancelation:
a Black Desert Online command, to stop Sparky from reminding you about World Bosses Spawns.



Active daily reporting of your country's COVID-19 statistics, worldwide Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reporting.

!corona [country] or !corona [all]



World Bosses Reminder

Black Desert Online

★ 3 Platforms: PC, Xbox, and PlayStation
★ Covering most of time zones such as: Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, North Africa, Japan, Korea, Asia and more.
★ Will send you a message before 15 min of Bosses spawn and a message on exact time of spawn.
★ Life time use.
★ You need to verify your donation to use this command. !worldBosses





Discord Bot:

Data collection:

Your discord id

Your email upon donations or paid services.

Data usage:

Sparky saves your discord id to remind you on world bosses spawns in Black Desert online game play.

Data storage:

All data in an encrypted and password protected database. The security of your data is important, however I would like to point out that no method of transmission over the internet or method of electronic storage is fully secure.

Data Protection Rights:

*You have the right to request to erase your personal data, under certain conditions.

*You have the right to have your information rectified if that information is incomplete.

*You have the right to request Sparky for copies of your personal data. In case of being charged a small fee for this service

*You have the right to be provided with a copy of the information saved related to your data.


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Discord: Hamada Saidi#0424



Hello my name is Hamada Saidi, I'm a fullstack developer who enjoys coding and at the same time plays online games such as Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any problem or some idea you want to share!

Best of luck for you all :)